Each judicatory which seeks to enter the Federation of Anglican Churches and Ministries in the Americas (FACA) is asked to provide the following information:

The Organization

1. Name of Organization

2. Previous names(s) and /or names of bodies from which it was formed

3. Headquarters address

4. Headquarters mailing address (if different)

5. Telephone/fax/email/website

6. Is this organization exempt from Federal taxation (501.c.3)?

i. If yes, please provide federal tax number

7. Is this organization exempt from State taxation?

i. If yes, please provide the name of the state and the tax number.

8. Is this organization incorporated?

i. If yes, give its full corporate name; its corporate address; and the name and address of its authorized agent

9. Annual budget for previous year.

The Episcopate

For each Archbishop and each Bishop holding jurisdiction:

1. Full name

2. Address

3. Telephone/fax/email

4. Diocese

5. Date of Consecration

6. Names and jurisdictions of consecrators

7. Jurisdiction(s) in which this Bishop has served previously

8. Educational history

Each Archbishop and Bishop having jurisdiction will be subject to a background check, to be performed by Network Research Systems through the APA, Diocese of the Eastern United States, at the cost of the jurisdiction applying for admission. As an alternative, your judicatory may allow the Federation access to the results of background checks performed for some other organization within the past three years.

Historical Information

1. Brief history of jurisdiction and why departed from Episcopal Church

2. Overseas ministries, if any

3. Request annual report of jurisdiction

4. Name of Parishes


1. Total number of parishes and missions within this jurisdiction

2. Total number of baptized members, and of communicant members in good standing.

3. For each of the twelve congregations within this jurisdiction having the largest memberships:

i. Name

ii. Address

iii. Telephone/fax/mail

iv. Founded

v. Rector/Priest-in-charge

vi. Other clergy

vii. Number of baptized members

viii. Number of communicant members

ix. Average Sunday attendance

Please submit this information, together with

1. Copy of your judicatory’s Constitution and Canons;

2. Copy of any statement of faith which has authority in your judicatory, other than the 39 Articles, the 1662 Prayer-Book, and the Chicago-Lambeth Declaration; and

3. Copy of any ordination declaration which differs substantially from those in the pre-1976 canon of the Episcopal Church

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